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I'm Sarah Loddick, a leadership coach with a difference. I'm a Ph.D. research scientist with over fifteen years of experience working in and leading teams in research and development organisations.


I first trained as a coach in 2011 whilst working as a science leader at AstraZeneca. The training took place over a year whilst I was still doing the “day job”, so I was in the privileged position of experiencing the power and benefit my coaching could bring to individuals and teams in this kind of organisation. ​

This is also when I discovered the concept of "flow" which had such a profound impact on me it's driven my coaching ethos, hence Leaders in Flow was born!

It's my mission to help scientists become more fulfilled, balanced and confident leaders who bring their unique skills and personalities to every interaction. Innovation is driven by diversity in thinking and approach, it requires leaders who are open to challenge and change; it needs brave individuals who challenge in a way that inspires change.

I understand the challenges that brilliant technical experts face when they step into leadership. I know how a brain trained for data, detail and spotting errors can be your undoing as a leader.

I know how to help individuals and teams overcome these challenges and behaviours. 

I provide external objectivity and distance from performance assessment, but with a respect and appreciation for the organisation that can only come from having worked in the sector.

You can find out more about me and flow here.

Flow: "the state where you're fully immersed in an activity, feeling energised focus,
full involvement and enjoyment in the process."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


My coaching is grounded in the principal of flow. I want you to have a leadership style that feels easy and real, because this is how you find true success in work without compromising your life.

It is based on neuroscience, self-reflection and taking action to help you achieve change and overcome challenges in a way that feels natural and easy.

When you work with me you will:

Build self-awareness and personal insights that allow you to understand why you react the way you do to certain situations and people, and how to control and change those reactions.


Clarify your values and your important "why" to help you make decisions that are aligned and bring you satisfaction and pride.

Ensure you recognise your strengths and use them to stand-out and overcome what you perceive as your weaknesses.


Stop the feelings of self-doubt and the resulting procrastination and cycle of over-thinking and speculating that leads to anxiety.

Become a courageous and energised leader, who confidently shares their insights to inspire different thinking and drives innovation.


One of these programmes may be perfect for you, but it's OK if you actually relate to all of them and want a combination. Your coaching programme will be designed for you, and it's flexible. So it's guaranteed to meet YOUR needs WHEN you need them. You can chose to add powerful personal insights to your programme by selecting one or more of the Wiley Everything DiSC® personalised profiles.  If you want more detail on the programmes please click one of the "find out more" buttons below, or go direct to the Individuals page. 


You're successfully managing your team, but now you need or want to lead them.

Perhaps your team and responsibilities have expanded, or you're aspiring towards the next level.

Maybe you realise you have more to give, or perhaps you've had feedback that you need to improve your leadership skills.

Perhaps you just want a supportive ally.


Do you want to set yourself up for success in your new senior role?

Perhaps you've been in role for a while but now you're struggling and recognise the need to adjust your leadership style.

Or maybe you value a confidential sounding board where you can discuss and resolve the challenges and opportunities that come with managing leaders and defining strategy.


You've reached a point in your career where there is nothing specific challenging you, but something isn't right. You feel like something is missing but you're just not sure what it is.  Are you missing the fire and motivation you used to have?

Perhaps you're looking for a new role, or maybe you'd like to create and define a new challenge and vision within your current role.


One of the most common questions I get asked is "how will coaching help me?" Of course to really answer that question we need to talk about your personal situation, but hopefully this video will give you some insight. 


"I can highly recommend Sarah both as a group and 1:1 coach. I first worked with Sarah when we came together to help a team set out their vision and two year strategy. Sarah has also coached me on a 1:1 basis to help me prepare for some important professional decisions. In both circumstances I was really impressed with her natural coaching style enabling the group and myself to bring clarity to future visions and the paths needed to get there"

Team Facilitator, AstraZeneca, Sweden

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