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 Are you wondering if you're in the right role or 
asking yourself what's next? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You feel like you have more to offer but don't see opportunities that look interesting to you, and you're wondering how to figure out what your next step could be.

You feel stuck and trapped. You know you're the succession plan for your boss but you don't want their job and worry that if you tell them this they will shut off all opportunities for you.

You've lost the excitement and enthusiasm for your job. You're supposed to be a science leader but you aren't enjoying the science anymore. And there is no-one to talk to about this.

You've thought about looking for new jobs but you're not sure how to make sure you move to the right thing and don't just end up somewhere new with the same issues in a few years.

You can see lots of opportunities for change in your organisation but you don't know how to go about making them happen because it doesn't fit your current role descriptor.

You're not even sure what you want from coaching, you just know something needs to change and would value honest confidential conversations where you can explore your thoughts and ideas.

 Achieve the satisfaction and comfort of knowing you're in the right place at the right time doing the right things for you. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

Getting clear on my values and "why" was such a fascinating process, I don't procrastinate on decisions now because this guides me with confidence.

I feel like I've found the missing piece that I've been searching for. It's created such clarity for my future direction. I feel energised and motivated again. 

I go into interviews with much greater confidence, I know what I need from the role and the organisation so I can ask the right questions. It feels like I'm testing them as much as they are me.

The sessions are so helpful to discuss ideas I feel I can't discuss with my manager, but you've also helped me see how I can have conversations with them to find better opportunities going forward.

I feel like we're creating a real path to a future I want, I've got so much energy and confidence in everything I do now.

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