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 Do you wish you had the kind of support and opportunities you provide to your direct reports? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You find yourself providing all the strategy and direction for the group and managing the detail too. You can't seem to get your leaders to step up so that you can work on the vision and growth.


You're finding it impossible to keep on top of all the science and projects, and wondering how everyone else manages to do it and still have a life.


You want to be able to adopt different leadership styles for different settings, but you also want to be authentic, and for it to feel effortless, not difficult and contrived as it does right now.

You were excited to reach a level where you can influence strategy and drive improvements, but it just feels frustrating to be here and not get heard amongst all the strong and loud opinions.


You feel like you've stepped into a world where you need to shout to be heard. You want the authority and gravitas of your peers, but you don't want to behave like them.

You're managing constant change and uncertainty and worry about how to communicate with integrity and inspire rather than cause stress and worry.

 Get your team leading for you so you can start leading up 
to influence the future vision and strategy. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

I've found my identity as a leader now. It's a relief to discover I don't need to be "aggressive" to be heard, I can be authentic and true to my values and have influence and impact.

You challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, but ensured it felt easy and natural.  Now I'm ready for the next stretch, and I see how growth happens! 

Our sessions are so important, it's the only time I get to really express and think about these things. I achieve more in 1.5h than I ever could!

The personal awareness and insights help me make sense of it all. I see how I create the challenges and problems so the solutions are easy.

My growth means those beneath me grow too. So I get to work on the vision and shaping the futured direction of the department. This is the impact I aspired to have, and it's raising my profile too. 

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