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 Are you spending so much time organising your team and their workload that you don't have time to do your own job? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You want to make the shift from managing to leading but can't seem to make it happen, and you're starting to wonder if you might need to totally change your personality to do the job well.

You spend a lot of your time in 1:1s with your team, but you don't see how you can manage them properly and maintain quality if you reduce that time.

You're working late in the evenings to try and get everything done. Work-life balance has gone and you still don't feel in control. You're starting to wonder if this will ever change.

You want to delegate but you don't know how to do it fairly and effectively, and no-one in your team has the right skills and experience to delegate to.

You want to increase your visibility and credibility but you're also nervous about putting yourself out there and getting it wrong.

You look around your peers and wonder how they do it. No-one else seems to struggle so you start to wonder if you're up to this job at all.

 Become a confident natural leader: inspiring rather than driving your team, and influencing across levels. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

I feel like I have the right balance now, I'm empathetic and approachable but I also have authority and boundaries when I need them. I feel confident in my style.

The feedback conversations went so well! They got the message but there were no tears! It was constructive and I feel like I did a good job. Such a difference from last time, you've really helped.

I get it now! I'm so much more confident speaking up. Because I don't worry about getting it wrong people pay attention to me. Your tips really helped.

This is so great, I have a plan for my team now and I feel confident I can get them engaged and enthusiastic in it. This really creates opportunities. It's great to talk these things out in our sessions.

The difference is amazing! They did come and ask for my support, but now I know how to handle it with those coaching tips you shared.  Now they're much more independent, and their confidence is growing too. 

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