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We can meet virtually, or when possible face to face, for five confidential 60-90 minute one on one coaching sessions, normally every 2-6 weeks.


My coaching style is flexible and and responsive as I believe this approach achieves the best results to meet your unique long term goals and any immediate needs as they arise. responsive as I believe this approach achieves the best results to meet your unique long term goals and any immediate needs as they arise.


Imagine your team motivated and energised to deliver to shared team goals they truly buy into, using their individual strengths with confidence and flow, whilst also achieving against their personal development goals and learning how to get the best from each other in the team setting.  


Each team member has a one on one coaching session to support them in identifying their individual strengths and development objectives. I coach the team for between three and six sessions.

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Trusted Coaching Professional

Are you a scientist and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry feeling like everything is piling up and wondering if you will ever feel in control again?


Do you worry you’ve lost your expert status because you haven’t got time to maintain the same depth of knowledge now that the breadth of your role has increased?


Do you wish you had that calm, confident authority other senior leaders seem to have and despair that you will ever achieve it?


Are you starting to wonder if you even belong in your role?

You’re not alone. I’ve worked with people like you and helped them get control and confidence in their abilities and talents. I can help you too.


You will free up your time and energy so you can be who you need to be, and where you need to be to have the greatest impact.


I will help you see and believe in your value to the organisation so you feel like the expert again. You will become the confident, natural and authentic leader that has authority and influence at all levels and inspires trust and commitment in your teams, your peers and your seniors. You will know that you belong in your role.

Does this sound better?

Don’t wait for the situation to change by itself, it won’t. Take action now by arranging a free, confidential chat to explore how I can help you.


I’ve been a science leader in the pharmaceutical industry and now I work with and help people just like you. I understand the challenges you face, and the language you speak. Let’s talk.


“By making me challenge my own preconceived notions about myself and my abilities, Sarah has forced me to stretch outside my comfort zone. This has given me more confidence and made me grow in my role, it has made me more aspirational."

Team Leader, AstraZeneca, Sweden