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Find Balance With Leaders In Flow


I've created three programmes for leaders looking for individual coaching, and you may found one is just perfect for you. But, whilst many people lean towards one in particular they also like some aspects from one or both of the others, so I work with everyone to create a bespoke programme.


Your coaching programme will be designed specifically for you, so it will contain only the elements that are relevant to you. You can choose elements from all three programmes if you want.

I provide in the moment coaching, in other words your programme is totally flexible, so it will meet YOUR needs WHEN you need them, even if your role and responsibilities change.

You can read more about each of the programmes below, but don't worry if you're not sure. We will work out what's right for you in our discovery call.

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 Are you spending so much time organising your team and their workload that you don't have time to do your own job? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You want to make the shift from managing to leading but can't seem to make it happen, and you're starting to wonder if you might need to totally change your personality to do the job well.

You seem you spend a lot of time in 1:1s with your team, but you don't see how you can manage them properly and maintain quality if you reduce that time.

You're working late in the evenings to try and get everything done. Work-life balance has gone and you still don't feel in control. You're starting to wonder if this will ever change.

You want to delegate but you don't know how to do it fairly and effectively, and no-one in your team has the right skills and experience to do the job well.

You want to increase your visibility and credibility but you're also nervous about putting yourself out there and getting it wrong.

You look around your peers and wonder how they do it. No-one else seems to struggle so you start to wonder if you're up to this job at all.

 Become a confident natural leader: inspiring rather than driving your team, and influencing across levels. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

I feel like I have the right balance now, I'm empathetic and approachable but I also have authority and boundaries when I need them.

The feedback conversations went so well! They got the message but there were no tears! It was constructive and I feel like I did a good job. Such a difference.

I get it now! I'm so much more confident. Because I don't worry about getting it wrong people pay attention to me, it's a bit weird really!

This is so great, I have a plan for my team now and I feel confident I can get them engaged and enthusiastic in it. This really creates opportunities.

The difference is amazing! They did come and ask for my support, but now I know how to handle it with those coaching tips you shared.  Now they're much more independent, and their confidence is growing too. 

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 Do you wish you had the kind of support and opportunities you provide to your direct reports? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You want to be able to adopt different leadership styles for different settings, but you also want to be authentic, and for this to feel effortless and not difficult and contrived as it does right now.

You feel like you've stepped into a world where you need to shout to be heard. You want the authority and gravitas of your peers, but you also want to stay true to your values. 

You find yourself providing all the strategy and direction for the group and managing the detail too. You can't seem to get your leaders to step up so you can work on the vision and growth.

You're finding it impossible to keep on top of all the science and projects, and wondering how everyone else manages to do it and still have a life.

You're managing constant change and uncertainty and worrying about how to communicate to the group honestly but avoid imposing stress and worry.

You were excited to reach a level where you can influence strategy and drive improvements, but it just feels frustrating to be here and not get heard amongst all the strong and loud opinions.

 Get your team leading for you so you can start leading up 
to influence the future vision and strategy. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

I've found my identify as a leader now. It's a relief to discover I don't need to be "aggressive" to be heard, I can be authentic and true to my values.

You challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, but ensured it felt easy and natural.  Now I'm ready for the next stretch, and I see how growth happens! 

Our sessions are so important, it's the only time I get to really express and think about these things. I achieve more in 1.5h than I ever could!

The personal awareness and insights help me make sense of it all. I see how I create the challenges and problems so the solutions are easy.

My growth means those beneath me grow too. So I get to work on the vision and shaping the futured direction of the department. This is the impact I aspired to have, and it's raising my profile too. 

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 Are you wondering if you're in the right role or 
asking yourself what's next? 

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

You feel like you have more to offer but don't see opportunities that look interesting to you, and you're wondering how to figure out what your next step could be.

You feel stuck and trapped. You know you're the succession plan for your boss but you don't want their job and worry that if you tell them this they will shut off all opportunities for you.

You've lost the excitement and enthusiasm for your job. You're supposed to be a science leader but you aren't enjoying the science anymore. And there is no-one to talk to about this.

You've thought about looking for new jobs but you're not sure how to make sure you move to the right thing and don't just end up somewhere new with the same issues in a few years.

You can see lots of opportunities for change in your organisation but you don't know how to go about making them happen because it doesn't fit your current role descriptor.

You're not even sure what you want from coaching, you just know something needs to change and would value honest confidential conversations where you can explore your thoughts and ideas.

 Achieve the satisfaction and comfort of knowing you're in the right place at the right time doing the right things for you. 

Would these kind of outcomes help you?

Getting clear on my values and "why" was such a fascinating process, I don't procrastinate on decisions now because this guides me with confidence.

I feel like I've found the missing piece that I've been searching for. It's created such clarity for my future direction. I feel energised and motivated again. 

I go into interviews with much greater confidence, I know what I need from the role and the organisation so I can ask the right questions. It feels like I'm testing them as much as they are me.

The sessions are so helpful to discuss ideas I feel I can't discuss with my manager, but you've also helped me see how I can have conversations with them to find better opportunities going forward.

I feel like we're creating a real path to a future I want, I've got so much energy and confidence in everything I do now.


“By making me challenge my own preconceived notions about myself and my abilities, Sarah has forced me to stretch outside my comfort zone. This has given me more confidence and made me grow in my role, it has made me more aspirational."

Team Leader, AstraZeneca, Sweden