Sarah Loddick

I'm Sarah Loddick, a Leadership coach with a difference. I'm a Ph.D. research scientist with over ten years of experience working in and leading teams in research and development organisations.


In 2011 I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be trained as a coach whilst working as a science leader at AstraZeneca.  The training took place over a year, whilst I was still doing the “day job” so I was in the privileged position of experiencing the power and benefit my coaching could bring to individuals and teams in this kind of organisation. ​

This is also when I discovered the concept of "flow" and from that moment on I was totally enthralled and fascinated by the power of the concept and the impact of understanding how to help other people achieve more flow in their life.


The relationship between a coach and a client is critical for success, so we need to explore if we are a good fit before we commit to working together. Watch one of the videos below to get an idea of who I am, then get in touch. We will have a free no commitment discovery consultation call so you can tell me what you want to achieve and we can explore if I can help you get there. 

One of the most common questions I get asked is "how will coaching help me?" Of course to best answer that question we need to talk, but hopefully this video will give you some insight.


I love working for myself with all the flexibility and choice that brings. But I also experience and understand the challenges. I wanted to find a way to bring a sense of team support to individuals like me, and make coaching available for entrepreneurs and small businesses who may not have the budget or desire for 1:1 coaching packages. This is why I undertook training in group coaching, and designed my group coaching programmes for individuals and small businesses. The term group coaching is used by coaches to describe a variety of different experiences, so please watch the video or get in touch to find out more about group coaching with Leaders In Flow.