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Starts March 3rd 2022

Group Coaching Programme with Sarah Loddick

Eight Spaces Only.

Apply now to secure your spot.

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"If you want something to change, you will have to do something you haven't done before."

The programme

Believe You Will Achieve is an interactive group programme that combines education and coaching to achieve powerful and enduring results. You will discover that one goal that will create the change you dream of for your business, but never seem to achieve. You will learn how your own brain is getting in your way, and how to get it working for instead of against you. You will get the support you need to build confidence and self-belief. You get guidance and encouragement so you take the right actions to achieve your goal.

The Group is for a Maximum of Eight Women:

  • who work in or run their own small business or charity.​

  • who will create a safe environment for sharing and support.

  • who want to achieve more in their business but don't know how, or even dare to believe they can.

  • who want to understand more about themselves, and get clear on what they really want.

  • who want a vision for the future and to know how to overcome the blocks that currently stop them

The Sessions:

  • are weekly, on zoom, for five weeks, then we have a final sixth session five weeks later.

  • are on Thursdays, starting at 10am. Sessions 1 and 6 are 2h; sessions 2-5 are 1.5h.

  • are all a powerful combination of education; mindful meditation and coaching.

The Learnings:

  • How understanding your "WHY" is the secret to avoiding procrastination and staying motivated.

  • How your mind makes things so scary and hard for you, and how to overcome the fear with confidence.

  • How to take a scary goal you always avoid and turn it into easy and enjoyable steps to success.

  • How to turn your "monkey mind" from your worst enemy and nemesis into your personal cheerleader.

  • How our sense of identity can hold us back, and how to change it to become the person you want to be.

The Cost:

  • for the programme of six group sessions and access to a WhatsApp support group is £299*.

  • for adding a 90min 1:1 coaching session is £120 (when purchased with the programme).

   * When full payment is received in advance. You may also pay in two installments of £150, or three installments of £100.

Client Testimonials

“After our recent coaching session I have noticed so many things! During the session I had a fabulous breakthrough and this has resulted in many more small changes over the last couple of weeks too! It's like everything is falling into place. I may not have all the answers yet but by god I know that they are coming. The old ‘Debbie’ who sees the to do list as a devil of unfinished business and worries SO much about what everyone else might think if I do or don’t do this or that…. well DEBS is breaking through, a confident, positive business builder who can do anything she sets her mind to!     Thanks so much Sarah for being my catalyst”.

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Bridge

"Change is hard because our brain sees it as a threat. The trick is to learn how to calm the brain.
It's easier than it sounds when you know how!"

my story

I'm Sarah, a wife, a mum, a daughter and friend.  I love to run, read and cook.  I'm also an ICF certified individual and group coach and owner of Leaders In Flow Ltd, my coaching business.

If you're here then I'm guessing that you, like me, wear many hats and perhaps sometimes find it a struggle to juggle.  Maybe you just feel or wish that the balance could be different and better?  Perhaps you know you've settled for less than you're capable of? Maybe you know exactly what you want to achieve but not the how?

If so then you're in the right place, because I can help you and I want to help you! So much so that I got a diploma in group coaching to be able to help and support you in an accessible format, and here is why it's so important to me:


I completed my first coaching training whilst working at AstraZeneca in 2012. But later that year we moved to Sweden and I left my job.  It was exciting, challenging and fun, but my main focus was the family so although I decided to become a professional coach, my business took a back seat whilst we were there. We moved back to England in 2017 and this was to be "my turn". 

But life through us a curve ball and almost immediately I found myself back in the role of carer for another two years. Once again my business took a back seat.

By the time I was finally able to really focus on my business I'd lost my professional identity and confidence and with it my motivation. It would have been so easy to just keep doing a "little bit" of coaching. Part of me wanted more but I also felt exhausted and confused. I still needed to be able to work flexibly and part-time. I wasn't sure I could be bothered!

Now I have a successful, growing coaching business that works perfectly for me around my personal commitments. What has helped me get here is having my own coach and mentor and being part of a coaching group where we support, encourage and inspire each other.

What got me started on this journey was being welcomed into an amazing women's networking group. A group full of interesting and inspiring women all trying to juggle their business with the rest of their life. They inspired me to want more for me and them. This programme is my way to give back and my way to feel I earn my place amongst you amazing women.

You can find out more about Leaders In Flow Ltd. on my main website here.

Client Testimonials

“Before the group coaching programme, I was often self-critical and worried a lot, thinking through the possible consequences of something that may or may not happen. I was highly aware of my monkey mind and felt guilty about making time for myself.
Now, I am more rational, calmer and less hard on myself. I don’t waste time worrying about something that may never happen. My monkey mind is much quieter and I now understand its role and feel I have found the missing piece in a jigsaw.
I found the group to be a safe environment and I was happy to share my thoughts whilst at the same time it was extremely valuable to hear from other group members as often aspects were raised that I hadn't considered............


"Belief is more important than skills and talents; and you can learn how to develop and nuture it."



Q. How does coaching work in a group? 

I coach one person in the group whilst everyone else listens quietly. After a while I will ask the group if they have anything to help or encourage the person. Then I move to coach someone else. It's incredibly powerful because the group get their own insights as they listen to the person speaking, and the group supports each other. It's also such a relief to hear that you're not alone in feeling the way you do.

Q. What if I don't feel comfortable sharing in the group? 

You are never forced to share anything you don't want to. I always ask if you would like to be coached and you can always say no. Even if you say yes, and then change your mind, it's OK to say no. We all sign a confidentiality agreement so you can feel safe knowing that nothing you say will ever be shared outside of the group. If you have something you want to be coached on in private then you have the option of purchasing a 1:1 session at a discounted rate. One of my talents is creating a space where people do feel safe, but if you don't feel safe to share that's OK.

Q. What happens if I miss a session? 

I ask everyone to make sure they can attend every session and attend the entire session.  But of course life sometimes gets in the way. Sessions will be recorded (assuming everyone gives permission) in case anyone wants to listen back. Recordings will only be available for those who register and pay for the full programme. 

Q. I can't meditate, does that mean this programme isn't for me? 

Not at all. The mindful meditation is very short and easy to "do". It doesn't matter how you experience it, there is no right or wrong. If you don't want to take part you can sit quietly for a few minutes which you will find quite relaxing and calming. I will be talking and asking you to think about something connected to the session topic. I use phrases that relax and calm the mind and open the mind to the new learning that is to come.

Q. Why is the final session so long after the rest? 

Because this will help ensure you hold onto the learning and make some changes happen. I'm sure you've been to workshops or done courses where you learn something, leave with great intentions, and then everything falls by the way side? This is where a coaching group is different. We make it specific and personal to you which tends to make it stick more, and by meeting again several weeks after, you are more likely to keep up the change for those weeks. When we want changes to last we need to do them several times and for a period of time. The WhatsApp group will be open the entire time and I will be there to support and encourage you.

Q. How do I know if this is right for me? 

Well, if you've got this far and you want to change something about the way you feel and what you do and achieve with your business, it probably is. But if you're asking the question then there is something you're not sure about so please apply for a place below, there is an option to let me know you still have questions. If you want we can have a quick call to discuss your questions. No obligation and no pressure. 

Q. What if I can't make all the dates? 

We may be able to work something out so please apply for a place below and let me know your availability problems in the form.

Q. What if I'm interested in this programme but March doesn't work for me? 

Please fill out the form and apply anyway, but add in the box for extra information when you would like to attend a programme like this. If there is enough interest I will run another later in the year.

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"The first step is always the hardest. The secret to progress is to make the first step as easy as possible."


This group programme is for women who like the idea of the support, inspiration and accountability that comes from sharing in a safe and small group of women with similar worries and aspirations. To make sure it's right for you please fill out the form below. Once I receive it I'll get back to you within 48h to confirm your place. 

Apply to join the Believe You Will Achieve group coaching programme March 2022.
Do you agree to full confidentiality in the group?
Do you have any questions about the programme before you book?
Can you attend all the sessions? (3/3; 10/3; 17/3; 24/3; 31/3; 5/5);

Thank you for applying. If you don't here from me within 48h please email me:


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